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Who We Are

WEI is a forward thinking organisation that thrives in smoothening the entrepreneurial pathway for aspiring entrepreneurs. The hearts and minds behind WEI are a network of like minded individuals who are always looking out for ways to enhance and enrich the society for a better tomorrow

What We Do

We encourage, coach, and mentor budding and established entrepreneurs, to create a rich ecosystem of businesses. In addition to guiding entrepreneurs in staying on top of their business game, we also help them grow their business by facilitating successful networking with multi-product manufacturers and retailers. 

How You Can Partner

It is hard to believe that we just started our venture in 2021, as our community of entrepreneurs are already creating waves by taking all business challenges head on! Want to be a part of our e-commerce site and enjoy business success? It is simple, Reach our core team and NO COST / NO COMMISSION, Absolutely Priceless


At Womentrepreneur, we strongly believe that there are no specific gender roles for men and women, like we have been tuned to believe from time immemorial. All humans are equal when it comes to their heartfelt desires and the zeal to excel. But, we did realise that women have to go an extra mile compared to their male counterparts, due to societal norms. Wanting to make a difference, we aimed to create a beautiful eco system of successful women entrepreneurs. 

This thought process laid the foundation for Womentrepreneur in 2021. Womentrepreneur is a budding organisation that strives to encourage, coach, and mentor every enterprising individual having the passion and zeal to evolve into an emerging entrepreneur.  

True to our beliefs, we did not contain it to benefit women alone. Our organisation is for all individuals seeking to make a mark in the business sphere. The Vision of the institution is to empower and encourage neighbourhood members to transform into successful entrepreneurs, and build their business by way of networking and connecting with successful multi-product manufacturers and retailers.


The Mission of the institution is to create awareness about success beautifully entwined with focus on health and wellness. This policy will make them fit to drive their business with profitability, while fulfilling the needs of their family and themselves with a serene smile!



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